Painter's soul leaves the picture when you copy it. You can copy colour, technical details, but picture looses something. It's life, maybe. From those reproductions you can have approximately impression what is Pirosmani's art, but you can not feel power of those pictures.

Thumbnails are in black and white. Click on thumbnail to see the enlarged and coloured image.

1. "Cab Near Dukhan" - approx.1895-1903, canvas, size 91x49 cm. Art Museum of Georgia.

2. "Hunting and Black Sea View" - approx.1895-1903, canvas, size 364x106 cm. Art Museum of Georgia.

3. "Big Marani in the Forest" - approx.1895-1903, tin-plate, size 171x100 cm.

4. "Dinner of Dukhan Owners - Markozishvili and others" - approx.1895-1903, oilcloth, size 205x121 cm.

5. "Kakhetian Epos - Alazani Valley. Part 1" - approx.1895-1906, oilcloth.

6. "Kakhetian Epos - Alazani Valley. Part 2" - approx.1895-1906, oilcloth.

7. "Kakhetian Epos - Alazani Valley. Part 3" - approx.1895-1906, oilcloth. Size of all 3 parts - 536x88 cm. Private collection of artist Shevardnadze.

8. "Easter Lamb" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 113x72 cm. Private collection of artist Shevardnadze.

9. "Deer" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 119x139 cm.

10. "Ortachalian Beauty" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 45x106 cm.

11. "Laying Ortachalian Beauty" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 115x51 cm.

12. "Giraffe" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 111x139 cm.

13. "Dvornik" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 47x101 cm.

14. "Black Lion" - approx.1905, oilcloth, size 139x110 cm.

15. "Celebration of Kinto With Organ Grinder Datiko Zemel" - June 8, 1906, oilcloth, size 200x109 cm.

16. "Cook With Fish" - 1905, oilcloth, size 46x105 cm.

17. "Woman With Lilies and Umbrella" - 1905, oilcloth, size 51x115 cm.

18. "Triple Portrait With Dog" - 1905, oilcloth, size 112x133 cm.

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