Niko Pirosmani (Nikoloz Pirosmanashvili) is matter of national pride and a legendary figure in Georgia. He was painter of beginning of XX century. His art is reflection of Georgian national character and soul.

Georgia is a country located in Caucasus mountains. This is country of great and noble nature, great and noble people, nice songs, good food and wine.

There are almost no documented information about Pirosmani's life. Neither his birth certificate and registration nore information about his death has been discovered. The same applies to his entire life. Only three facts are known for sure - Niko Pirosmani was born, painted his pictures, and died.

We know about Pirosmani's life very little from stories told by those who were around him in different periods of his life. Those people were owners of the restaurants, customers, merchants. They were questionned about painter 20, 30, even 50 years after his death. Most of them were not educated, could not remember details clearly and added many imaginery facts to his biography. It is hardly to understand what was legend and what - truth. Different people told different stories.

This site is not scientifical attempt to study Pirosmani's life and art. This is rather my personal relation to it. This is MY Pirosmani. Pirosmani as I see him. I will try to help you to discover Pirosmani's art and would be happy if you would fall in love with it.

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